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1) Make sure all mature fanfics have a Mature Content filter on.

2) If the anime your fanfic is about doesn't have a folder, put it in the Other Anime folder and once there are 3 fanfics about it, I will create a folder and transfer them. And I don't mean 3 different chapters either. 3 different fanfics all together

3) Be sure to post only in the folder that they belong to. So don't put your Bleach fanfic in the One Piece folder.

4) Be sure it's only fanfics that are submitted. Don't post pics that would just advertise your fanfic or profiles of OC's, though fanfics with OC's are acceptable

5) Also, in some way put into your remarks after the story the anime where the story comes from if you put them into the Other Anime folder. It's easier for me to know where they're supposed to go when I create new folders

6) We only accept ANIME fanfics. If your story is about a manga, or video game that hasn't been made into an anime, I don't take it. As a result we don't accept Kingdom Hearts fanfics, but ones like Final Fantasy, and Starry Sky are acceptable.

1) Write according to the subject. The prompt doesn't work if the subject is off.

2) Submit to the correct folder. It really is irritating getting things submitted to this folder when they aren't even close to the subject. I really cannot stress this rule enough (and not just in this folder, but all folders)

3) No word limit but it has to be a one shot. I really couldn't care less if the story is 100 words, or 5000 words, as long as it's a one shot.

4) OC's and crossovers are welcome. Just be sure we know what universe the anime/animes are from.

5) Mature content is acceptable, as long as you have a warning on it if it needs it.

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Fanfics for any anime you want. If I don't have a folder for your anime, just put it in the Other Anime folder, and when I have enough fanfics of that anime, I shall create a new folder. Enjoy and have fun.

If you have a suggestion for an anime that I don't have a folder for let me know and I will work on getting a folder for it just for you!!

I also hold bi-weekly prompts. If you have a prompt subject in mind just send me a note with your idea and I'll see if I can fit it in

If you wish to help fund contests and such, that would be most helpful. Just go to my profile at :icontheskandranon: and donate. Be sure to mention that your donation is for the group.
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China Isn't Afraid of AnythingRussia stood there facing the brunette man that he called friend and lover. "China, is there anything that you're afraid of?"
"What?" China looked up from the garden where he was working. "Why do you ask?"
"Well, I was thinking the other day while I was hiding from Belarus that she's the only real thing that scares me. This made me wonder if there was anything that you were afraid of."
China looked up at the sky in thought. There was nothing that he could really think of. Except maybe Belarus. He definitely agreed with Russia there.
Of course, he'd never admit that. China was too proud to do that.
"No. Nothing that I can think of." He looked back to the taller man.
"Really?" Russia said sounding surprised.
China just smiled at him.
A little while later a knock sounded on the door. China looked up and stood to get it.
Russia's head jolted up.
"Wait, China. Something doesn't feel right."
A female voice sounded through the doorway. "Big Brother! I know that you're in there! Please Big
                          Mythology Chapter 1 - The MoonThey sat around the table. It was slightly crowded, but Rei's house was the only place they could have this meeting. Everyone had managed to make it, so this would be a lot easier.
"Thank you for all coming here." Luna sat on the table with Artemis next to her. "We've asked all of you here today because we have an exercise for all of you. You will be given information and are to use the information to discover more about yourselves through what is told to you. Some of you may have heard all of this before, some of you won't have." Luna made a circle as she looked at the others. "Learning this will help you in figuring our where all of your powers lie."
"It was great that all of you could make it." Artemis looked at the four people sitting to one side, three adults and a teen.
Diana looked at her parents from where she sat on Chibi-Usa's lap. "What is it that you're going to tell us?"
Chibi-Usa looked down at Diana. "You mean you don't know either?" The kitten looked up and shook her he

First KissesWarning: Does contain boy on boy love! Nothing more than kissing though. Story is Goten/Trunks.
Goten stood at the doorway.
Trunks was right on the other side of that door. How many times had he wanted to tell him the truth since they were kids?
How many times had he wished that Trunks could and would return those same feelings?
Goten gently leaned his head against the door, but not gently enough because in a moment he fell forward when the doorway disappeared, landing right on Trunks.
The two landed hard on the floor, Trunks on his back, Goten in the others lap.
"Goten, what are you doing?"
Goten looked up and blushed, noticing how close their faces were.
"Um..." He was speechless. He normally had no problem talking with people, especially Trunks.
"Could you maybe get off me? This is slightly uncomfortable."
Goten finally noticed that Trunks' hands were under him. He swallowed his courage and made a leap of faith.
"Only if you let me do something quick."
Trunks raised an eyebro
                          YYH - One Fateful Night - YusukeXHieiWarning: This story contains yaoi (male/male relationships - in this case sex)! If that's not your cup of tea then don't read it! I don't want any flames, I warned you!
I'd been trying so hard to keep Kurama...I really had been. But after what had happened he just wasn't the same. As much as I wanted to keep him and had vowed that I would, I knew there was no way that it'd happen. That's why I'd come to see him instead.
There we were, standing, facing each other as we always did in his room. This time was different though.
Tears lined my cheeks and had only started to dry the moment I entered his room.
There was a lust, a burning passion that had arisen. Maybe it was our fighting attitudes that brought our passion together? Or maybe it had been what he had told me the month before…when everything started to go downhill…
I wasn't sure, but all I knew was that I wanted Yusuke more than I had wanted anyone in a while, and from the look in his eyes, I could tell that he fe

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Hello. :D I was just wondering if a folder could be made for the Danganronpa series.
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Once there are three different stories of Danganronpa in the Other Anime folder, I will create a folder for it. So for now just submit them to that folder and I will create one eventually
Sounds good. Thanks for that.
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 SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Acts. In this case, all fanart will be deleted, all fan-pages, fanfics, fan made videos, etc. Please help stop SOPA.

Sign the Petition to Save Fanfics :…

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Great group, I love reading stories. :happybounce: 
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